Passion for Health, Fitness & Family

Darren Filpi, Co-Founder of GUD BODY and the GUD BODY JOURNAL community, started his professional career in software sales in Silicon Valley during the dot com boom. After 8 years and two layoffs he came to the conclusion that corporate America was not for him and started his entrepreneurial journey to find passion and purpose again.

In his search he stumbled upon the  buzz that surrounded the hemp and  CBD industry which was told by the  incredible stories of individuals who had significantly improved their quality of life by using it. 

Darren, who has always been passionate about  natural health and fitness, dove in head first with a mission to understand the deep inner workings of the plant, the science behind CBD and the transformation that was possible with its products.  

He is now committed to providing transformational products, information and a safe community to the people of the world who need and want a miraculous remedy to safely manage their well-being naturally.

Damon Filpi, Co-Founder of GUD BODY, believes that all bodies can be well when we work with plant remedies like hemp. Damon became a personal trainer where he spent 8 years helping improve people’s lives through supplemental nutrients, fun and easy physical activities and great connection to a community they could trust. From his psychology degree to owning his own personal training studio, launching the GUD BODY Brand and GUD BODY JOURNAL was a natural next step. This community has grown to 30k members in the first 90 days 

Health and fitness have always been a major focus of Damon’s life.  Being involved with multiple sports from a very young age, Damon chose to focus on organic supplements, consistent daily workouts and developed a keen interest in how to naturally maintain one’s health for a lifetime. 

His passion for healthy living challenges Damon to innovate the way people look at health, recovery, and quality of life. Damon believes that anything is possible when you have GUD health.